Upcoming Satyagraha Official Trailer

The official teaser connected with Satyagraha has gone out, along with Prakash Jha pleasures the particular movie within his signature bank model – Raajneeti, Apaharan — serious methods spiced up to accommodate the particular sensibilities from the world.

Satyagraha movie poster

Kareena Kapoor goes many excited like a political writer, credit reporting with great vigour despite a ballistic crowd thronging within the track record. Ajay Devgn, Amitabh Bachchan, Arjun Rampal along with Amrita Rao go on protesting rapidly real attacks and the volley connected with normal water cannons. The movie is probably on top of state of mind, nevertheless a tad on top of episode too.

Satyagraha poster
Satyagraha is the story of a son who yearns for a father. Of a pops who grieves regarding the shed daughter. Of a fresh girl who combats so tough having lifetime that she has forgotten to help enjoy. Of ambitious rabble-rouser, regarding whom activity may be the knee-jerk mantra. It does not take history connected with the way these kinds of some uncover each other, along with agree to raise heck, banging the particular properties that be on their quite roots! Satyagraha is additionally the particular history associated with an important power-hungry despot who will stop at nothing at all to help ruin these individuals.

Satyagraha poster
We have now noticed Amitabh battling towards injustice within Aarakshan, along with his personality provides the exact same ability with this movie also – Big M will be the motivator, the particular activist who has the particular will to lead a crowd rapidly annoying situation. Striking nevertheless a li’l in the top…Rest, you opt!

Satyagraha movie poster

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satyagraha movie 2013

satyagraha movie 2013

satyagraha movie 2013

satyagraha movie 2013 image

satyagraha movie 2013 Image

satyagraha movie 2013 poster


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